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4 CBD Questions Series


Consumers have a lot of questions regarding the emerging CBD market.  Buyers want and need information to make the right buying decisions. In this Q&A series, we are highlighting the most frequent questions consumers are asking industry professionals about CBD.  We hope it will be helpful. 

Andrea in North Carolina:  I’m a personal trainer with 12 years experience, and have a BS in Human Biology. 

What do people ask you about CBD?

“People are curious about CBD.  They want to know what companies are reputable and trustworthy, where to purchase their products, how safe they are, and the most effective doses. They also ask me if I’ve used CBD”.

What are your responses?

“I tell people that I use CBD and that it’s been beneficial to me.  I also tell them which companies I trust and why. Also, I tell them what dosages have provided me the best results.  Furthermore, I explain the basic facts about CBD and let them know it’s legal and not marijuana.”

What are your concerns about CBD?

“My concern about CBD is that many companies are selling low-grade products that aren’t effective.  That hurts the industry and can make people skeptical about the industry. I want to guide people toward the best products so they can realize the tremendous benefits of CBD.”

What do you think about CBD?

“I think CBD can change the way people alleviate many physical issues in a natural, inexpensive way.”

4 Q CBD is a regularly published series that answers questions about CBD that consumers ask Doctors, Attorneys, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Massage Professionals, Trainers, and more. 

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