CBD Community Retools to Assist In the COVID Fight

CBD helping COVID

CBD Community retools to assist in the Covid fight

CBD Digital World is the most connected online CBD resource site with relationships across the supply chain. We are aware of a number of CBD companies that are working hard to address the need for supplies to help our community, from testing companies to the production of masks and product companies.

Just one example of this is a leading product company and distributor, Custom Brand Distribution, with one of its partners Mike Schriefer, with Custom Brand Distribution says

We’re excited to be doing our part in the fight against Covid19, so we have converted our bottling facility to make hand sanitizer products for large volume distributors, stay home and be safe”!”

CBD has always been a product to address numerous consumer concerns. CBD is a vital part of helping people today and will continue going forward. We hope this message is just an example of this. 

Custome Brand DistributionThanks, Mike for your support from CBD Digital World and the entire CBD community.


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