CBD Digital World Launch Press Release


Press Release: CDB Digital World Launches CBD Marketplace

CBD Digital World launched a massive CBD information portal.  The site provides consumers with all of the information they need regarding CBD in a clean, uncluttered manner.  Consumers can easily navigate and search for information whether it is company-specific, product-specific or general industry data, news and intelligence.  There are six main navigation points: 

A content-rich area for a myriad of CBD info.  Updated regularly by both users and CBD Digital World. 

A review site for specific CBD products and CBD companies.  User reviews will enhance the CBD community as it navigates through its early years.  This platform allows for easy use for reviewers and readers. 

The shop consists of national brands which are important for consmers but also smaller, newer brands who have great products and need a system to manage purchases.  The shop consolidates a vast number of companies and products into one place allowing consumers to search and purchase everything in a one-stop manner. Certificates of Analysis accompany each product so consumers can verify quality and purity of their purchases. 

New relevant content will be updated through a blog.  General CBD news is also posted continuously including company, product, legal and other updates.  

A directory of 100’s of CBD product companies and other supply chain companies is maintained.  Consumers can search and companies can add landing pages that have information about the company, videos, coupons, products, reviews and more. 

A dedicated video channel dedicated to CBD videos for testimonials, product info, and beyond is also included on the site. 

In addition CBD Digital World has a suite of services including video testimonials at www.acbdexperience.com, CBD jobs at www.acbdcareer.com, daily CBD deals at CBDDailyDeal, and partners that can help with merchant processing, franchising, marketing CBD companies at CBD Services.  There is also an Affiliate program and an Ad Management System and customer portals to manage purchases, re-order, store receipts, get deals and other proprietary information. 

Steven Racz, CEO and Founder says “We worked very hard to create a rich site that will provide consumers with great content and great experience.  There is a lot of digital competition but we think the depth or our site allows us to stand out. We hope our customers will have a very positive experience.” 

About CBD Digital World

CBD Digital World’s customers are in a search of one of two things: CBD products for health and wellness and education on CBD.  They are folks who want the benefit of the hemp plant without the high. They want healthy alternatives to traditional medicine.  We bring their search directly to the quality CBD brands through content creation and a combination of software and services. We are students of the consumer experience and strive to provide an easy-to-navigate site that consumers can browse intuitively.  In addition we have powerful tools for CBD companies to assist them in generating customers. We do this through reviews, a directory, landing pages with great content, directed ads and products in our shop. CBD Digital World actively socializes content to maximize leads.  Our approach is to be dedicated to growing consumer CBD knowledge and our Resources platform is rich in content and is regularly updated with new material. For more information please check us out at: www.cbddigitalworld.com

For any inquiries including press, investors, affiliates please email us at info@cbddigitalworld.com

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