Canna Tsu

Find out where the CBD Strain Canna Tsu is coming from and what it does to you.

Canna-Tsu CBD Strain“A versatile companion, Canna-Tsu can be used any time of day for immediate relief of stress and anxiety. This higher-CBD strain is also enjoyed by recreational users who are looking for relaxing, euphoric effects that aren’t over-the-top”. This strain is a cross between Cannotonic and Sour Tsunami becoming a hybrid. It could be used when you’re about to walk the dog, about to run errands, or even present a presentation! Canna-Tsu creates relaxing, euphoric effects. Being useful for winding down at night, especially if you’re the type who tends to be sensitive to the sometimes negative effects of THC, like paranoia and anxiety. High CBD cannabis strains are “a boon” for folks with anxiety, ADD/ADHD, pain and possibly even seizures as it allows them to medicate throughout the day.

“Canna-Tsu Cannabis Strain”

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