Creating a website the right way is more complicated than the general public knows. There are a lot of DIY sites that can work. You can throw a stone and hit a website company. Small businesses have their family create them. This is fine, but not if you want your site to be effective and a revenue generator. 

There is an old adage that I like: “If you want to be a billion dollar company, then act like one. There are two models for sites. Those that are just for branding purposes and those that can act as a marking and sales tool. In no uncertain terms your site can be one of the best tools to generate leads and sales and should be looked at as such. This article will focus on the latter. 

This article is going to address just some things you need to know. By no means is it comprehensive. There is a long list of tactics to employ. I could write a thesis on this subject so this is just some highlights. Let’s discuss website considerations for the CBD market. The focus is on COA management and language. 


There are two main and important things to make sure you pay attention to: COA management and language. 


Certificates of Authenticity are key and how they are managed can be cumbersome. The bottom line is that this is the main consumer strategy to consumers to have insight on what is in and not in CBD products. Consumers and still very uneducated about this. It’s up to the CBD community to re-enforce this. The challenge is every time a product is made that goes into products, new COA’s need to be attached. This is especially important for THC-Free products for consumers that are concerned about drug tests. You need to have a dedicated web process that addresses this. At this risk of being self serving CBD Digital World has this.


 From the outset of CBD in the market place the government has been very clear on what you can and can not say in your marketing communication. While this does not seem to be enforced as maybe the community is getting better at it, it’s still an issue. I still see online language that would not adhere to standards. It can be very confusing what to communicate. The bottom line is do your research and consider using a professional writer in the CBD space to address this. Again, at the risk of being self serving CBD Digital World understands and can help with this. Lastly, in an effort to try and keep this article short, Here’s a great post that will unpack this:


Beyond CBD market tactics there are a number of things to consider and that you have to have an action plan in place to maximize the effectiveness of your site. 


When creating your site there are a lot of technical things that you need to do to comply with search standards. This is poignant for Google but also important for other search engines. This main goal is to make sure you apply these tools. The good news is once you go through this process it’s done with the exception of the maintices which is addressed later. 


Consistent and a methodical approach to creating content and add to your site and posinting is a must. Search engines demand it. If you do this Google will like you. If you don’t your site will drop past your competitors and be relatively invisible. Content can be defined by 3 things: Text in the form of posts and articles, graphics and videos. Content must be original and not repurposed. Must be yours. This can be overwhelming. If you put a plan in place and get a list of all the things you can create that puts you in a thought leader position and helps you clients then the pain will be eased. Writing is challenging but have your leadership team write and give them goals. Hers an article on this subject: Creating graphics that support text or just for the sake of refreshing you site and social campaigns can be done by great creative staff. There are lots of DIY and content creation sites One example is that makes this fun. Video is the same process and a very important key for SEO. For video one you can use or Youtube’s video creation tool. 


Having a website is not a “build it and they will come scenario. They need to be maintained. On a daily basis things change and need to be fixed. Search engines, platforms, hosting companies and a myriad of other things that can affect your site make changes and updates consistently and frequently. Eyes need to be on this. The worst thing can happen when a customer comes to your site and gets an error. That error can cause you to lose sales and quite frankly makes you look amateurish. Only a reputable web company that you engage and that has the tools to monitor these situations can make sure these situations are minimized.