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"Founded in 2017, Apis Mercantile is the premier purveyor of CBD-infused artisanal honey. Apis Mercantile sources the finest honey from trusted sources to ensure that every jar enjoyed by our consumers is one to cherish. We only use pure unfiltered honey to guarantee that our products retain their natural nutritional value. From our hives to your table, we carefully curate a fine-selection of CBD-infused artisanal honey so that when you see the Apis Mercantile logo, you know it’s synonymous with quality. We put the bee in CBD.
Apis Mercantile was born from a passion for honey bees. Honey bees are selfless creatures that tirelessly improve the world around them; a noble paradigm to imitate. Honey is a snapshot in time of the season in which it was collected and a direct representation of the floral world surrounding the hive. Honey is one of nature’s sweetest gifts and we hope to expand the world’s understanding of honey and one of the world’s most noble citizens: the honey bee.
We have carefully sourced CBD, only working with Colorado approved-source suppliers to ensure lab-tested quality for maximum product efficacy. While CBD has many passionate supporters and there have been numerous promising preliminary studies, these products have not been evaluated by the FDA. For that reason, we do not make any health claims.
Apis Mercantile is a company based on honesty and good intentions. We try to live like the bees because that’s just the right thing to do; spread good wherever you go. If you think a retailer near you would like to sell our honey, let us know! We are always growing our hive. Give us a buzz!"

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