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"Recovering from a serious injury can be slow, difficult and painful…and pain can be a powerful motivator. After nearly 7 months of trying to manage my own rehabilitation with narcotics, I was still in terrible pain, feeling sluggish and not quite myself a lot of the time. That’s how I found my way to Cannabidiol (CBD) and producing my own edibles.
I didn’t want anything psychoactive or addictive like the prescription medications I had already tried unsuccessfully. After a lot of trial and error, I was able to find a simple, legal solution to my own problems using natural CBD hemp oil as the active ingredient, and that became my ‘secret weapon’ for combatting recurring pain. I have been fortunate enough to direct my own path and career in this industry. I am passing along my knowledge to help others in similar or worse situations.
The beauty of edibles is that I can eat and drink the things I enjoy while perfecting my own recipes! CBD is an ingredient. If Cannabinoid Creations has done one thing right, it is proving that CBD edibles don’t have to taste like medicine or worse, they can be fun, exciting and delicious! The business has grown out of that simple idea with a lot of experimentation and discovery along the way. I just kept at it until the CBD recipes and formulations were to my liking…
That’s how Cannabinoid Creations came to be.
Cannabinoid Creations is working hard to make the best tasting CBD edibles in the market. I’m proud that all of the CBD in our products has been independently analyzed and classified as pharma-grade for its purity. That allows me to focus on consistency, flavor and the quality of every snack. If any of my CBD goodies fail to meet my rigorous standards, they will never be produced or bear the name Cannabinoid Creations."

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