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"Elite Cannabis has partnered with top brands in the industry as well as developed a variety of product suites under our internal brands – providing premium, consistent, pesticide-free, cannabinoid inputs and product development, collaboration, and product white-labeling.

Elite Cannabis Enterprises is represented by the following entities & brands:

Loveland Molecular Laboratories Elite Botanicals The Bonvillain Group
Whole Pet CBD Villain’s Craft Concentrates. The genetics in the Elite Cannabis garden represent the rarest, best-of-breed, world-class, award winning cannabis varieties currently available.
From the highest CBD to the highest THC, the Elite Cannabis genetic portfolio is second to few. We focus on preserving unique historic cultivars, landrace varieties, and work with the latest hybrids to ensure a comprehensive cache is on-hand at all times for cultivation and ongoing breeding projects.

Elite Cannabis – when nothing but the very best will do.

When only the very best will do!. Breeding & Research
With a legendary collection of genetics and a breeding program that focuses purely on the advancement of the plant, the Elite breeding program has focused on unique varieties that cross a full spectrum of chemotypes. Our Botanicals division has been cultivating type-3 drug varieties under industrial hemp regulations since 2014 and our in-house breeding program has concentrated on everything from preservation of classic type-1 cultivars, creation of new poly-hybrids, to expansion of type-2 and type-3 varieties, to identification and breeding for type-4 (propyl cannabinoid) dominance."

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