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"Organic Sustainability
At Genesis Pharms we believe in a holistic approach to plant production and are dedicated to growing practices that promote soil health, conserve natural resources, and prevent environmental degradation.

Building the Soil
We grow a culture of plants that not only encourages beneficial bugs but also helps diversify the soils ecological system. Inviting in such a variety of bugs allows for totally natural pest management.

Genesis Pharms uses the same techniques as nature has used for millions of years. In nature, plants feed from the extradites of bugs and the decomposition of organic material. A lot of the decomposition is done with different forms of mycelium. Every year we continue to naturally replenish the soil with crops grown on the property. Leaving the soil unturned allows for the spread of mycelium between all plants. This allows the plants to share vital nutrients, as well as providing an effective means of water control.

Keeping it Local
It is the goal of Genesis Pharms to optimize our farm to become fully self sufficient. Utilizing the latest technology and Mother Nature, we will have a farm that feeds itself! We strive to get nearly everything we need locally. This does more than just keep the money local. Locally sourced plants have adapted to the soils and weather patterns of the Willamette Valley, making a smoother transition to the fields of Genesis Pharms."

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