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"Our story written by our Founder and CEO Todd Cynecki:
Our story starts in late 2017- a friend of mine was making some great strides in the hemp extraction business in Colorado. He turned me on to some of our now Tinctures and the Body Bars and I instantly fell in love with the products. My sore back was now tolerable, I could sleep sleep better and I genuinely felt better in my overall health. I knew I needed to stop everything I was doing and create a brand that we could take to the public!
After researching the market I saw was a lot of over priced products with low dosages of CBD. In my heart I knew we could do it so much better and with help from my creative collective team at the Good Vibe Mafia, we created Good Vibe CBD. Our mission was to create products with ample amounts of CBD, that were also affordable for the end user while leaving room to scale our business through wholesale accounts. We are so proud to now have over 20 products for sale and as of March of 2019 are available in 5 states!!
This growth could not have been achieved with out all of the efforts from our team. We have so many great people helping us grow. My core team has been so valuable in helping me get this business off the ground. In particular three very special young people, Hailey Sorensen, Zoe Rose Vela and Gabriela Krebsbach- they have dedicated a year of their lives to this project and deserve so much recognition. No way we would be here without these ladies right here."

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