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The CBD Regimen we discuss here is essentially this: A daily approach aimed at eating certain foods while avoiding certain other foods, drinking water and taking hemp extract in an attempt to help detoxify the body and reduce cellular inflammation, thus relieving underlying conditions causing painful or uncomfortable symptoms in our lives.*
We will not go into great detail about food or water intake. Although, we will touch on it to some degree. Further research and study may be required on your part to find your ideal diet. We will speak mostly about the use of Raw CBD Extract to assist with your sense of well-being. Further, we are not your doctor and we do not have knowledge of your specific situation, so we recommend further research on your part to ensure your body is getting all that it needs.
The CBD Regimen is a full program detailing what to eat and drink while taking a particular CBD product on a particular schedule so that you can begin feeling the greatest level of well-being possible."

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