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House of Hemp is dedicated to providing the best hemp products you will experience. Whether it is for you, or your pets, we ensure you get the best of the best. At House of Hemp, we approach the safety and quality of our products as a primary objective. Incoming raw materials undergo stringent quality checks, and finished products are tested using state-of-the-art methods and appropriate technologies at certified 3rd party test laboratories. All of our solutions are formulated, tested, and packaged here in the United States.
Tinctures & Oils
Natures most balanced oils infused with hemp oil extract packaged in glass tinctures. Use as topicals or consume as nutritional supplement for general wellness.
Skin Care & Topicals
Ultimate beneficial results in skin care can be found in organic fomrulations with Hemp Extract. Maintain vibrant and beautiful skin or experience mild pain relief with the help of nature’s wonderful ingredients.
Moving towards a sustainable future is the main goal of using hemp products and is a key value of House of Hemp.
Pet Love
We at House of Hemp love our pets and continue to bring hemp and eco-friendly products to market building a better future for humans and our furry friends."

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