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IrieCBD’s founders came to the hemp industry the way so many others have; dealing with chronic conditions and pushed to try alternative medicines, they became converts to the healing power of plants.
Irie’s unique and specialized line of tinctures are the fruition of this belief, combining the ancient wisdom of herbal medicinal properties with the potent effects of pure, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil.
Founded in 2014 and growing out of the easy-going vibe of San Diego’s beach culture, IrieCBD’s driving mission since the beginning has been to provide natural solutions for health and wellness. Irie’s products are made to help people reconnect to the simple joy of life that is all around us when we stop and allow ourselves to feel it. Now a multi-national company and part of the global movement of cannabis-based wellness, IrieCBD is spreading its California zest for life far and wide.
The company’s dedication to creating balance both for our bodies and the planet has led IrieCBD to be a leading advocate for hemp and cannabis research and policy worldwide. Irie remains committed to pushing for the safe and affordable access to these health products on a global scale.
Social and environmental consciousness are the company’s deepest roots. All our hemp is grown to organic standards, naturally processed and sustainably sourced. Grateful recipients of this natural bounty, we also believe in giving back. Irie’s “Its All Good” Program donates one product to someone in need for every two products sold, and partners with health providers and medical researchers, extending the good we believe in to everyone who can benefit."

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