We’re MedCBDX, and our focus is on innovative CBD products for pain that bring the big benefits of cannabidiol to more people, more easily. We are owned by Mastix LLC – a leader in functional, niche healthcare products, including dietary supplements, functional chewing gum, and medical confectionery.
Our team has created two incredibly unique CBD-infused products that deliver safe, concentrated doses of CBD for relieving normal aches and pains, and as a mood enhancer for normal stress and anxiety. We’re the only manufacturer in the United States with the ability to infuse CBD oil in a chewing gum.
CBD Chewing Gum
Our innovative healthy chewing gum delivers CBD effects directly to users through a patented method that’s proven to absorb quicker, and more effectively, than most standard products. It’s also a much more convenient delivery vehicle. With gum, oral absorption facilitates a higher bioavailability, and is delivered up to five times faster when compared to pills or capsules.
Our gum chews, and tastes, the same as typical confectionery chicle gum, making it an easy and preferable alternative for the 40% of people who have an aversion to, or experience discomfort, when swallowing pills."

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