Shea Brand

"We are Marie, Krystal and Austin. Three friends who come from dramatically different backgrounds, and who years ago began a journey to combat eczema using raw shea butter (which cofounder Austin has struggled with his entire life). We launched Shea Brand and our Shea shea butter line as a new way get shea butter into the hands of the millions of people out there who need it. An effort that has already proven to be life-changing for some, as it was for Austin.
We’ve since expanded our vision and mission to include other products that we believe will add incredible value to peoples’ lives. Products that reward you for using them because they work, and that - like Shea - remind you to love yourself every day. Our product formulas and packaging bring together urban and natural elements that in many ways reflect our efforts as New Yorkers to live as sustainably as possible. Our work is in large part our contribution to the belief that with good design and lots of love and care, the urban world and natural world can live in harmony and thrive together."

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