Learn more about Inhalation as a CBD delivery method.

CBD delivery method Inhalation“We’re trying to broaden the consumer base. It’s called a meter dose inhaler as we want to give precision dosing so the consumer knows exactly how much they’re getting every time. We’re also providing a comfortable, safe delivery system.” CBD inhalers are FDA approved and proved to treat patients who either have asthma or people who are wanting to quit smoking.

CBD helps those with asthma because it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. CBD is highly effective at reducing chronic inflammation, that it would reduce asthma symptoms.

A 2013 study done by the University College London revealed that 12 nicotine-dependent smokers given CBD inhalers saw a 40 percent drop in their need for cigarettes. The placebo group, which also involved 12 men, did not show any improvements.

“CBD Inhalers: Innovation In The CBD Market From CBD Luxe”

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