4 CBD Questions Trainer

4 CBD Questions Series

4 CBD QUESTIONS – TRAINER Consumers have a lot of questions regarding the emerging CBD market.  Buyers want and need information to make the right buying decisions. In this Q&A series, we are highlighting the most frequent questions consumers are asking industry professionals about CBD.  We hope it will be helpful.  Andrea in North Carolina:  […]

Lead Generation for the CBD Marketplace

Join the largest CBD Site

CBD Digital World launches lead generation platform on the Largest and most active CBD site online. For lead generation and brand building. We have revolutionized technology that offers consumers a great site for information and products. You receive a great Listing in our directory,  a Landing Page with our company info, great ad placement options […]

CBD Digital World Launch Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press Release: CDB Digital World Launches CBD Marketplace Fort Myers Florida, 8/19/2019 — CBD Digital World has launched a massive CBD information portal.  The site provides consumers with all of the information they need regarding CBD in a clean, uncluttered manner.  Consumers can easily navigate and search for information whether it is […]


CBD Quality Quagmire

This article is about the quality CBD quagmire that is out there in the market. How did we get there? When the 2018 Farm Bill came out, everyone was euphoric about it. It kind of opened the flood gate for all kinds of CBD Companies and Products. However, the 2018 Farm Bill only provides a […]