Multiple Sclerosis

Find out about CBD and Multiple Sclerosis.

CBD for Multiple Sclerosis“Studies have shown cannabinoids are effective for managing symptoms associated with the disease and may also be beneficial for limiting the disease’s progression”. Patients with multiple sclerosis have shown that cannabis is effective with reducing pain, reducing muscle stiffness, and reducing spasms; on top of that it has less side effects then the medical doctors give you do! More studies show significant improvements in muscle spasticity, reduced sleep disturbances, pain, and sleep improvements. Improving spasticity, chronic pain of extremities, tremors, emotional dysfunctions, fatigue, double vision, bowel, and bladder dysfunction.

There is some evidence that cannabis may worsen cognitive problems in multiple sclerosis patients; multiple sclerosis patients that were regular users of street cannabis have scored significantly worse on cognitive function tests.

“Multiple Sclerosis (MS): Cannabinoids and CBD Research Overview”

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