Canna-Pet® – Advanced MaxCBD Liquid – 120ml (4 oz.)



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MaxCBD Liquid Serving Details:MaxCBD Liquid is highly concentrated, requiring only a few drops. Each 120ml bottle contains 3600 drops. For horses:Start with 15 drops (0.5ml) at a time, 3 times per day.For best effect, put drops directly into your horses mouth, ideally under the tongue.The liquid absorbs right through the lining of the mouth, anywhere in the cheeks or gums is fine as well.Increase as desired. Each bottle contains 100% Organic, Whole Plant Hemp Extract.Guaranteed AnalysisCrude Protein Minimum     1.0%Crude Fat Minimum          15.0%Crude Fiber Maximum      12.3%Ash Maximum                      3.3%Ingredients: 100% Hemp, Canna-Pet® Advanced MaxCBD formula.Actual product varies from dark green/brown to golden in color and semi translucent. How do liquid products compare to our existing Canna-Pet® products: Liquid products have more rapid effect.  They are also metabolized rapidly, and should be fed 3-4X daily. If your pet is not eating reliably, and you are not comfortable feeding capsules, liquid is an easy option. 120ml bottle contains 3600 drops, sufficient for eighty days for most horses.MaxCBD liquid products are HIGHLY CONCENTRATED, yet still palatable.  Only a few drops are required.For best effect, put drops directly into your horses mouth, ideally under the tongue, but anywhere in contact with the oral mucosa is fine. 


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