Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Tincture (30ml, 500mg)

This 30ml bottle of full spectrum CBD tincture, which provides 16.6mg of CBD/ml, delivers the incredible properties of cannabidiol (CBD), including over 100 additional cannabinoids present in hemp plants, as well as terpenes, flavonoids, vitamins, protein


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CERTIFIED CBD FROM A TRUSTED ALLY Whether you’re using a CBD product for the first time or are have been using one for some time, it’s important to know you’re getting exactly what you see on the label. That’s why all of our CBD products are lab tested and come with a certificate of analysis.PRODUCT DETAILS Unflavored CBD oil 30ml, 500mg of CBD in bottle (16.6mg/ml) All-natural CBD oil mixed with MCT oil Stored in white UV-blocking bottles CO2 extracted Non-GMO Pesticide free No additives Lab tested with certificate of analysisINGREDIENTSFull spectrum Hemp CBD OilUnlike a CBD isolate, full spectrum CBD oil provides your body with additional cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other naturally occurring ingredients found in hemp plants including: Essential fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6 20 amino acids (including nine essential oils) Vitamins A, C, and EThis all makes a full spectrum CBD oil the preferred option for those looking to achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle.Coconut MCT OilWith the inclusion of medium-chained triglycerides (MCT) oil from coconuts – which are healthy, easily digestible fats that positively affect your metabolism – your body can more easily absorb all the good found in CBD oil to help you live a well-rounded, healthier lifestyle.DIRECTIONSShake well to activate. Drop only 1 ml under tongue daily to start. Reduce or increase dosage over time depending on how your body responds to initial dosages. For best results, it’s recommended to let the oil stay under your tongue 90 seconds before swallowing for maximum effect.


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