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With the change in lifestyle patterns and awareness, the interests in fresh and healthy crops are on the increase. Microgreens are the new specialty crops seen within the market and restaurants. 

The idea originated in San Francisco, California, since then, it has become a culinary ingredient in restaurants and grocery markets worldwide. These are the plants of seven to 25 days that are harvested early with two cotyledonary leaves which will or might not comprise the important embryonic leaves. 

Different plant species have tried the microgreens, including families like Brassicaceae, Fabaceae, Amaryllidaceae, Cannabis, and more. 

The Buzz Regarding Microgreens And Edible Homegrown Cannabis

The recent buzz regarding microgreens and edible weed leaves has spurred much debate regarding their health benefits. While some microgreen farmers have claimed that microgreens pack more flavor and nutrition into every bite, the precise health benefits of microgreens are still unknown. However, what’s known is that microgreens make a nutritious substitute for a spread of garnishes and toppings in fine cuisine.

Cooking healthy doesn’t need to mean that you simply sacrifice flavor and fun in your meals. In fact, incorporating microgreens and edible flowers into your menu allows you to stay your dishes healthy, flavorful, and vibrant. 

Cannabis Microgreens are gaining its popularity due to awareness and change within the lifestyle. These are a source of nutrition and antioxidant compounds like vitamins, minerals, phenolic compounds that are linked in promoting human health.

Every cannabinoid that is in dried and cured buds is also in fresh cannabis plant whether from tropicana cookies cannabis seeds or other breeds. Cannabinoids are in an exceedingly large proportion. The most difference being that some aren’t quite similar, because they’re still in their acidic forms (most notable is that the missing THC psychoactivity). Moreover, because the plant hasn’t been decarboxylated yet so thus with CBD. But these acidic forms even have medically beneficial attributes their decarbed states don’t.

What Are Microgreens

These are the leafy green plants with fully developed cotyledonary leaves with or without fully mature embryonic leaves. Consumption of microgreens has a lot of benefits due to the presence of antioxidants and other health-promoting compounds than their mature counterparts. 

Over the last few decades, a keen interest in new food crops that support longevity, superior health, and more combined with gastronomic delight. Microgreens are the herb like or seedling type sort of the plant. Microgreen consumption is frequent in Asian countries, but within the recent few decades, this trend also started in western countries.

Most grown microgreens crops are arugula, mustard, kohlrabi, pak choi, cabbage, and kale. Researchers found that these microgreens are high in nutrient content, and in their study, revealed that these microgreens contain more nutritional value than mature plants of their species. 

Due to the presence of a better level of bioactive chemicals like vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant compounds in these early staged plants, which make them consider the “superfoods”.

Garnishes To Complement To Menu’s Popular Dishes

Imagine having the ability to incorporate Micro Mint Lime or Micro Cannabis as a zesty and visually appealing garnish. Not only will the chosen cannabis sprouts make the dish stand out visually, but also including cannabis seeds garnishes and provide more unique flavors and aromas, further enhancing the appeal of the dish. These garnishes are less likely to be tossed aside or scraped off of the dish, making them a singular complement to your menu’s popular dishes.

Dishes that do not feature vegetables or greens are often vibrantly enhanced with the addition of cannabis microgreens. Portions of pasta, soups, and even desserts can incorporate the unique flavors and textures of fresh microgreens.

Incorporating microgreens into a spread of dishes allows you to stay your menu healthy without sacrificing quality. Regardless of how health-conscious a diner is, you’ll never have too many greens during a diet, and incorporating microgreens into restaurant’s dishes allows you to supply another source of healthy greens. 

Enhancing The Flavors Of The Other Ingredients

Testing with various microgreens and edible flowers on a number of your dishes may be a good way to extend their appeal. Fusing microgreens to enhance flavor and delightful add a garden fresh element. With a touch of creative experimentation, microgreens can add an attention-grabbing and flavorful addition to almost any high-end dish.

The main benefit of consuming raw cannabis is terpenes. Those volatile, aromatic compounds that give your herb its distinct strain’s flavor and aroma. Terpenes are very medicinally beneficial all on their own, and drying and curing release them into the air since most are ambient temp volatile.

Side Notes

With the increasing demand for microgreens, there is an excellent scope in the rise of the microgreen industry. In combination with past research experiences, future research and development will help in the contribution of deeper understanding of microgreen production and expanding the industry with the needs of the consumer.

Microgreens are gaining importance due to awareness and change in the lifestyle. These are a source of nutrition and antioxidant compounds like vitamins, minerals, phenolic compounds that are linked in promoting human health.

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